Fundraising Opportunities with Brenner Recycling

Partner with Brenner Recycling to raise money for your organization.

As proud members of the Greater Hazleton region, Brenner Recycling is always looking for ways to support charitable causes. If you have a favorite charity, Brenner Recycling can help you raise money through recycling drives. Call us today to discuss your ideas and we’ll help you set up your program. Then all you have to do is promote your drive to everyone in your organization and all of their friends. When anyone drops off the selected recyclables, just let the associate know the name of the organization you are supporting and we’ll keep track of the volume for the duration of your program.

Hazleton Power! Recycling Fundraiser

Do Your Part to Preserve the Environment & Make the Greater Hazleton Area A Better Place to Live, Work, & Play!

Bring your scrap iron and recyclable metals, paper, and electronics to Brenner Recycling And say “I want to donate my scrap to Hazleton POWER!”
All donations are tax deductible and benefit Hazleton POWER!
For More Information Call us at (570) 454-8706 or download the PDF flyer below:

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