Scrap may be a byproduct of your business, but scrap is our business and we can help you turn it into a reliable revenue stream. We have over 91 years of experience helping companies of all sizes cut costs and add dollars to their bottom line.  From temporary maintenance, construction, or demolition projects to scrap removal from manufacturing and everything in between, Brenner Recycling can customize a recycling plan that works for you.


  • Industrial/Prime Scrap - Manufacturers and service centers that generate recyclable metals as a byproduct of their production processes
  • Obsolete Scrap - Inventory liquidation, maintenance scrap, and obsolete vehicles and equipment being replaced due to attrition
  • Demolition/Construction Scrap - Scrap generated from large projects such as bridge and building demolition
  • Peddler Scrap - Whether you are saving your aluminum cans, cleaning-up a property or an estate, or just a good samaritan trying to keep recycleable items from the landfill, we're here to serve you.  

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