Recycling Loyalty Cash Back Program

Brenner Recycling is rewarding our frequent residential recycling customers with our newest program: "Green Rewards."

  • No enrollment necessary
    you will be automatically enrolled on your first visit
  • $1 scrap metal = 1 point
    the more you recycle with Brenner, the more points you earn
  • 750 points = $15 cash back
    when you reach 750 points, you'll earn $15 in cash on that visit
  • Unlimited rewards
    continue earning more cash back each time you reach 750 points
  • Points expire at the end of each calendar year
    points reset January 1, so be sure to hit 750 before year's end
  • No membership card
    we track your earnings with your photo I.D.

Get Started on Your Next Visit! Just Mention "Green Rewards!"

Green Rewards - recycling loyalty cash back. No enrollment necessary. $1 scrap metal = 1 point. 750 points = $15 cash back. Points expire at the end of each year.

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