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residentialResidential clients and pickers with smaller scrap quantities may bring their materials to our recycling facility in Hazleton, PA.

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Industrial clients can call 570.454.8706 to schedule a pick up or see our schedule a pick up form page to schedule a pickup online.

brenner-recycling-truck1Recycling Experts Since 1925 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Serving the scrap metal and recycling needs of northeastern Pennsylvania for more than 85 years, Brenner Recycling offers the region’s premier full-service solution for industrial, residential and personal recycling – including pickup and delivery for industrial clients within 75 miles of Hazleton, PA.

Top Prices for Metal and Paper 

We accept and buy a range of materials – from various ferrous and non-ferrous metals to newspaper and cardboard. You can count on us to offer the best market prices with flexible payment options, including cash.

Brenner Recycling will donate 10 cents per pound through Sept. 30

By Kent Jackson, Standard-Speaker

Brenner VFWPaul Brenner, center, president of Brenner Recycling, Hazleton will donate 10 cents per pound of aluminum cans recycled in September to help replace markers stolen from veterans graves at St. Ann's Cemetery in Foster Township. Pictured with Brenner on Monday are, Joe Barna, left, honor guard at the Freeland Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5010 and Quartermaster Ray Clymer also of Post 5010. (ERIC CONOVER/Standard-Speaker Staff Photographer)Four of Paul Brenner's children serve in the military, so when he heard that hundreds of brass markers were stolen from the graves of veterans in St. Ann's Cemetery, in Foster Township, he wanted to help.

"We've got to take care of the people who take care of us," Brenner said.

Brenner will donate 10 cents for every pound of aluminum cans recycled in September at his family's scrap yard, 282 S. Wyoming St., Hazleton, to help replace the markers.

"This donation is showing that our company is part of the solution," Brenner said.

Ray Clymer, quartermaster for VFW Post 5010 in Freeland, hopes he can obtain a good price for replacement markers, which hold flags next to graves.

The Luzerne County Veteran's Affairs Office provides the markers for each deceased veteran, but lacks the money to replace all the markers stolen from St. Ann's.

When the theft was discovered on Aug. 8, Clymer got a list from a caretaker of 209 markers that were missing.

Police said up to 500 markers valued at $10,000 were taken.

recycleWith Pennsylvania’s new law prohibiting the disposal of computer equipment with municipal waste, Brenner Recycling of Hazleton recently announced that it has become an electronic recycling center, said Paul Brenner, president.

“Since January of 2013, it has become illegal to dispose of desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, televisions and any components of such devices with your household garbage,” Brenner said.

“We have been in the recycling business since 1925 and now are providing a means for people to properly dispose of their old computers, printers and peripherals and get paid for them at the same time,” he said.

People disposing of old computer monitors, however, will have to pay a fee of $20 per monitor since Brenner has to pay to dispose of them properly.

“People can visit our website at brennerrecycling.com to see the current prices we are paying for electronics and for all other materials that we accept at our recycling center,” Brenner said.

Brenner Recycling is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon.

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Current Prices

0 Per lb. > 100 lb.
Bare bright copper wire 2.61 2.73
#1 copper 2.56 2.68
#2 copper 2.38 2.49
Sheet copper 2.29 2.4
Insulated copper wire 0.7 0.82
Red brass 1.58 1.81
Yellow brass 1.34 1.54
Clean auto/truck radiators 1.44 1.63
Copper aluminum radiators 0.99 1.13
Aluminum cans 0.5 0.55
Painted siding 0.54 0.6
Sheet aluminum 0.45 0.51
Cast aluminum 0.45 0.5
Aluminum wheels 0.61 0.66
Irony aluminum 0.08 0.1
Lead 0.47 0.55
Wheel weights 0.27 0.31
Non-magnetic stainless 0.34 0.4
Electric motors 0.11 0.15
Computers 0.1 0.11
Computer Mice, Keyboards 0.02 0.03
Computer Monitors $20.00 fee per monitor
Batteries 0.21 0.23
Light iron and appliances 8.50 per 100 lbs. 9.00(>500 lbs.)
Cars without motors 9.25
per 100 lbs.
Cars with motors 9.75
per 100 lbs.
Motor blocks 9.00 per 100 lbs. 9.50 per 100 lbs. (>1,000 lbs.)
Cast iron 9.75 per 100 lbs. 10.50 per 100 lbs.(>1,000 lbs.)
#1 Steel-Prepared 9.75 per 100 lbs. 10.75 per 100 lbs. (>1,000 lbs.)
Mixed Heavy Scrap 10.25 per 100 lbs. 11.00 per 100 lbs. (>1,000 lbs.)
September 11, 2014
Price list subject to change.

Price list subject to change.

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