Safety at Brenner Recycling

Safely or not at all!

Our rallying cry – SAFELY OR NOT AT ALL!

At Brenner Recycling, safety isn’t just a priority.  It is THE unwavering commitment that underscores our dedication to ensuring that everyone – team members, customers, contractors, and visitors – goes home to their loved ones in the same condition as when they arrived.

Led by our company president, our safety program is aggressive, proactive, and ingrained in every aspect our organization.

Our comprehensive safety program includes:

  • Membership in the Recycled Materials Association (ReMA) Safety and Environmental Council where we listen to and share our safety-related experiences and lessons with like-minded recycling and manufacturing organizations
  • Pre-employment background checks and drug screening
  • Comprehensive safety orientation for all new team members
  • A Pennsylvania State Certified Safety Committee
  • Monthly safety meetings for all team members
  • Regular safety walk-throughs of our facility
  • Providing each team member with the proper personal protective equipment, tools, support, and knowledge they need to safely perform their job
  • “See Something, Say Something” – Empowering each team member to speak up if they identify an unsafe condition
  • Zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol in our workplace – all team members are subject to random drug screens
  • Recording and reviewing every safety incident and near miss for possible causes, mitigation strategies, and lessons learned.

Through our robust safety program, we are committed to creating a workplace where safety is non-negotiable and everyone plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all.