Green Rewards

Recycle more, get paid more

Green Rewards from Brenner Recycling

Our Retail Recycling Loyalty Program

When you support a local business like Brenner Recycling, you’re helping reinvest in our community. In turn, we want to reward our loyal retail customers! 

Here’s how our rewards program works:

  • No Enrollment Necessary and No Membership Card Needed – You will be automatically enrolled on your first visit and your points will be tracked with your photo ID
  • Earn 1 Point for Each Dollar You Receive – The more you recycle with us, the more you earn
  • Reach 750 Points and Get a $15 Cash Bonus
  • Unlimited Rewards -Get your bonus each time you reach 750 points
  • Points Expire At the End of Each Calendar Year – Points reset January 1, so be sure to hit 750 before year’s end

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