Retail Recycling Services

Brenner Recycling is your clean and safe recycling center


Welcome to Our Hazleton, PA Facility

We welcome retail customers, including the general public, plumbers, electricians, and property owners with smaller quantities of scrap.

Why Choose Us? Think S.C.R.A.P.

  • Safe & Efficient: We prioritize safety and efficiency to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Clean & Organized Facility: Our paved drop-off area is maintained for your convenience.
  • Reliable & Friendly Assistance: Our team is ready to help you unload, sort, and weigh your materials using state-certified scales.
  • Amazing & Updated Prices: We regularly post and update our top market-based prices for your recyclables and pay you in cash on the spot. Don’t forget about our Green Rewards retail customer loyalty program!
  • Performance Improvement: We strive to help you maximize your scrap return and value your feedback to better serve you.

Visit us today and experience the best in scrap recycling services!


How It Works

We pay same-day cash for recyclable materials.

Green Rewards

The more you recycle, the more you earn at Brenner Recycling.

Current Retail Pricing

See the latest $$$ we are paying for your materials.

Items Accepted

See what we do – and do not – accept.

Vehicle Recycling

Learn what you must bring when you recycle a vehicle.

Items for Sale

We sometimes sell items that come in for recycling.

Certified Weights

Accuracy ensures you get a fair amount for your materials.