Current Scrap Prices

Brenner Recycling is currently offering the following prices for your scrap ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, electronics, and cardboard. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (570) 454-8706.

Price list subject to change without notice. All materials and quotes subject to verification.
Please contact us by phone or email for pricing on large lots and/or container service.
Retail + price is >100 lbs. unless otherwise noted.

Effective April 13th, 2024, 9:15 am.

MaterialDescriptionImageRetailRetail +
Bare Bright Copper WireBare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire free of attachments. All the insulation has been removed from the wire and it is free of solder, paint, and heavy corrosion. Usually 12-16 gauge, solid strand wire or larger and appears very clean, bright, and shiny.Bare-Bright-Copper-0413-sm$3.50/lb$3.60/lb
#1 CopperClean, untinned, uncoated, unalloyed, and unburned copper solids, tubing, and wire. No paint, solder, or foreign attachments.number-1-copper-brenner-recycling-sm$3.40/lb$3.50/lb
#2 CopperCopper with paint, solder, and minimal foreign attachments. Burnt copper with minimal residue is acceptable. A minimal amount of brass fittings (<25% by weight) may still be attached.number-2-copper-brenner-recycling-sm$3.25/lb$3.35/lb
Light/Sheet CopperRoofing/gutter/flashing copper with little tar or attachments like nails or wood. May also include some flower pots, pots, pans, and other household decorative items.light-copper-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0476$3.10/lb$3.20/lb
Insulated Copper CableCopper cable with rubber or plastic insulation and generally >75% copper recovery rate. Examples include THHN cable and other cable where the insulation can be stripped and yield a high copper recovery rate.Insulated Copper Cable$2.35/lb$2.45/lb
Insulated #1 CopperCopper wire with rubber or plastic insulation and generally 65% copper recovery rate. Examples include ROMEX and wire that generally holds its shape when bent or twisted.ROMEX wiring recycling$1.85/lb$1.90/lb
Insulated #2 Copper WireCopper wire with rubber or plastic insulation and generally 40% copper recovery rate. Examples include lamp, appliance, most extension cords, and wire that does not hold its shape when bent or twisted. Wires with large amounts of foreign attachments such as electrical boxes, wire ties, etc. may be downgraded.insulated-no-2--copper-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0472$1.00/lb$1.05/lb
Auto Harness WireInsulated electrical wire wrapped in rubber or plastic which supplies power to the automobile and its components. There may not be any fuse boxes remaining. Wire also must be generally free of excessive oil and grease.Automotive wiring harness recycling$1.25/lb$1.30/lb
Cat 5 / Cat 6 Networking CablesCat 5 and Cat 6 are types of networking cables commonly used for transmitting data in computer networks. CAT 5 and CAT 6 computer networking cable and wires for recycling$1.20/lb$1.25/lb
Aluminum BX CableAluminum BX cable is a type of armored electrical cable with an outer aluminum sheath or conduit. Conduit must have copper wire remaining inside.Steel BX Cable recycling$1.50/lb$1.55/lb
Steel BX CableSteel BX cable is an electrical cable with a steel outer sheath or conduit. Conduit must have copper wire remaining inside. Aluminum BX Cable recycling$0.30/lb$0.35/lb
Low Grade Copper WireLow grade copper wire with insulation and generally <15% copper recovery rate; bulbs and plugs can be attached. Examples include Christmas lights and computer (ribbon)$0.25/lb$0.30/lb
Copper Electric MotorsElectric motors with copper windings. Examples include blower motors, industrial motors, etc. Should be free of excessive steel or foreign attachments.electric-motor-recycling$0.25/lb$0.30/lb
Red BrassNonmagnetic brass alloy containing copper, tin, lead, and zinc. Appears reddish/light yellow in color. Commonly found in castings, valves, pipe fittings, water pumps, meter housings, small gears and high-quality plumbing$2.40/lb$2.50/lb
Yellow BrassNonmagnetic brass alloy containing zinc as the primary alloying element. Appears yellow in color. Commonly found in plumbing fixtures/fittings, musical instruments and ornamental castings. Plumbing fixtures with excessive foreign attachments will be downgraded.yellow-brass-brenner-recycling$2.10/lb$2.20/lb
Clean Auto/Truck RadiatorsBrass/Copper radiators with all steel, plastic, hoses, and fluids removed. Radiators with any of the contamination listed above will be purchased as dirty (irony) radiators.radiator-truck-automobile-recycling-scrap$1.95/lb$2.05/lb
Copper Aluminum RadiatorsRadiators with copper tubing and aluminum fins and the steel ends removed. Must be free of brass, iron, plastic, fluids, and/or any other contaminants. If steel ends are still attached they will be purchased as dirty (irony) aluminum/copper radiators.aluminum-copper-radiators-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0469$1.50/lb$1.55/lb
Aluminum Cans Aluminum beverage cans; must be nonmagnetic and free of food, liquid, or other contaminants. May not be mixed with aluminum foil or pans. Pet food cans must have the lids removed and separated. May be loose or crushed. recycling-pricing$0.50/lb$0.55/lb
Aluminum SidingClean aluminum siding and gutters which may be painted on one or more sides. Free of foreign attachments such as excessive dirt, fiberglass, foam, steel, etc. Clean, aluminum siding scrap.aluminum-siding-brenner-recycling$0.50/lb$0.55/lb
Sheet AluminumVarious sizes of aluminum of multiple alloys; may contain a small amount of foreign attachments (less than 10% by weight).sheet-aluminum-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0464$0.45/lb$0.50/lb
Cast AluminumClean casted aluminum free of excessive oil, steel, rubber, or other foreign attachments. Oil/grease not to total more than 2% by weight.cast-aluminum-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0506$0.45/lb$0.50/lb
Aluminum Car WheelsAll-aluminum wheels from cars or trucks; tires must be removed. Commercial truck wheels or chrome-plated wheels will be purchased as their own categoryaluminum-wheels-recycle$0.65/lb$0.70/lb
Irony AluminumVarious sizes of sheet or cast aluminum containing more than 10% steel attachments by weight.irony-aluminum-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0491$0.15/lb$0.15/lb
LeadSoft, heavy, non-magnetic material free of foreign attachments. Grayish/silver in color.lead-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0511$0.45/lb$0.50/lb
Wheel Weights / Irony LeadWeights commonly mounted to wheel rims (Lead/Zinc Only).wheel-weights-recycling$0.10/lb$0.15/lb
Auto/Truck BatteriesLead/Acid batteries that are typically found in cars, trucks, and marine vehicles with internal c 0mbustion engines (Loose).car-battery-recycling$0.15/lb$0.20/lb (> 500 lbs)
Unprepared Non-Magnetic StainlessMixed unprepared Stainless Steel with little to no magnetic pull. Common grades include 304 (18/8), 316, and other 300 series alloys Examples may include kitchen sinks, commercial kitchen and food-grade appliances, tools, and utensils. Excessive foreign or magnetic attachments will be considered Irony Stainless. Segregated alloys may be upgraded; however, all material must be tested with an analyzer.nonmagnetic-stainless--scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0495$0.25/lb$0.30/lb
Light IronMagnetic ferrous metal less than ¼” thick. Includes household appliances (“white” goods), hot water heaters, metal roofing material, automotive body parts, bed frames, file cabinets, and misc sheet steel. Must be free of fluids and refrigerant (“freon”) prior to being accepted. light-iron-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0447$6.00 per 100 lbs$6.50 per 100 lbs (>1,000 lbs)
AutomobilesComplete vehicles have engine, transmission, battery, radiator, aluminum wheels, and catalytic converter. Seller must present a title. Incomplete vehicles with missing parts may result in lower price paid based upon inspection at time of sale. Fuel tanks must be visibly$6.50 per 100 lbs (Incomplete w/Tires)$8.75 per 100 lbs (Complete with Tires)
#1 Steel-Prepared (All pieces 5 ft x 2 ft or under)Magnetic ferrous metal at or smaller than 5 ft by 2 ft and with a heavy gauge of ¼ inch or more.1-steel-prepared-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0450$8.25 per 100 lbs$8.50 per 100 lbs (> 6,000 lbs)
#1 Steel-Unprepared ShearableMagnetic ferrous metal with a heavy gauge of ¼ inch or more. May be any length or width. Extremely thick pieces may be downgraded to Heavy Torching scrap.1-steel-unprepared-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0459$6.75 per 100 lbs$7.00 per 100 lbs (> 6,000 lbs)
Steel TurningsCast, wrought, steel, and/or malleable iron borings, turnings, and/or drillings mixed with other metalssteel-turnings-scrap-recycling-hazleton-nepa-brenner-0454$2.50 per 100 lbs$3.00 per 100 lbs (> 6,000 lbs)
Desktop Computer Towers, Servers, and Networking EquipmentIncludes desktop computer towers, servers, and networking equipment. Must have power supplies.old-computer-printer-recycling$0.05/lb$0.05/lb
Laptop ComputersLaptop computers with or without the battery.Laptop computer recycling and scrap processing in Hazleton PA$0.35/lb$0.35/lb
Circuit BoardsMixed circuit boards from old computers or equipment.Circuit board recycling and scrap processing in Hazleton PA$0.10/lb$0.10/lb
Computer Mice, Keyboards, Printers, Copiers, and Miscellaneous Electronic Scrap Includes computer mice, keyboards, printers, copiers, and miscellaneous items like cell phones, speakers, etc.keyboard-mouse-recycling$0.25/lb fee$0.25/lb fee
TVs, Computer Monitors, & LCDs/LEDsIncludes all types of televisions and computer monitorsold-crt-monitors-tv-television-recycling$1.00/lb fee$1.00/lb fee
Cellular PhonesIncludes all types of old cell phonesCell phone recycling and scrap processing in Hazleton PA$1.00/lb$1.00/lb