Equipment and Metal for Sale at Brenner Recycling

One man’s scrap can be another man’s treasure

Whether you’re looking for some metal to finish a project or just a collectible to tie a room together, Brenner Recycling might have what you’re looking for. Please call us to inquire about availability.

Please note:
Brenner Recycling does not guarantee, in any way, the working condition or safety of any scrap item purchased from us for re-use.
Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse to sell any item at any time for any reason.

Prices to purchase scrap

  • Iron – $0.25/lb
  • Aluminum – $1.30/lb
  • Copper – $3.25/lb
  • Brass – $2.50/lb
  • Lead – $1.00/lb
  • Stainless Steel – $1.50/lb
  • 55 Gallon Barrels – $15.00/ea
  • Tires – Negotiable, based on condition